A Montreal, Quebec family takes home the Lotto 6/49 jackpot

Son Que Mai and family - lotto 649 winners - 21 March 2012The spouse and three children of Montréal resident Mr. Son Que Mai have a lot to be happy about! Thanks to him, they won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot of March 21st worth a whopping $7,918,115.

Mr. Mai has been playing the same numbers at Lotto 6/49 for 30 years, and luck finally smiled down upon him and his family. One of Mai’s sons checked the draw results and had the pleasure of calling each member of the family to tell them of their good fortune, despite the fact that the call came very late at night! The jackpot was split into five equal parts; aside from the father, Mr. Mai’s spouse Ms. Tran Viet Kieu, and their three children, Mr. Jean Mai, Mr. Tri Dung Mai and Ms. Valérie Mai, each received a prize of $1,583,623, which they all intend on using to make investments.

The winning ticket was purchased in a local convenience store. The retailer received a 1% prize of $79,181.

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