A new millionnaire in Montérégie, Quebec thanks to Lotto 6/49

Montérégie, Quebec resident Alain Lavoie made a $5 purchase that turned into a $2,976,442 win! While running errands with his spouse, Lavoie decided to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket for the June 8th draw.

After the draw, his spouse told him there was apparently only one winner and that the jackpot had been won in Québec. Lavoie jokingly answered: “I know. It’s me!”

He didn’t realize how true his joke would turn out to be! When he checked his ticket at the self-serve verification unit, Lavoie saw several numbers appear on the screen, but, because he wasn’t wearing his glasses, he didn’t immediately understand what this meant. With his glasses in place, the winner got quite the surprise in seeing how much he had actually won! Not believing his luck, Lavoie checked the results sheet just to be sure he was truly a millionaire.

With this heaven-sent gift, the lucky winner intends to invest some of his cash as well as buy a new car, spoil his children and take his dream vacation to China sooner than expected.

The winning Quick Pick was purchased in a local drugstore who will receive a 1% commission of $29,764.

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