Bell Employee $50 M Lotto Max Group Play Cheque Presentation

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) provides the following background and update on the prize claim for the December 31, 2010 LOTTO MAX $50 million jackpot:

On Monday, January 03, 2011, the leader of a group of nineteen Bell employees validated the one winning ticket of the $50 million jackpot from the December 31, 2010 LOTTO MAX draw at a retailer in Scarborough.

The group of nineteen went to the OLG Prize Centre on Wednesday, January 05, 2011, to begin OLG’s prize claim review process.

A group of additional claimants came forward to claim a portion of the prize and retained a lawyer to mount a legal challenge in this prize claim.

The OLG investigation has concluded and determined that the nineteen individuals were participants in the group and are entitled to portion of the $50 million prize.

A legal challenge by the additional claimants is beyond the scope of OLG’s prize claim investigation process.

Through legal counsel, the two claimant groups have agreed to divide the $50 million prize in to 30 shares.

The original group of nineteen will receive their prize portion from OLG today; each of the 19 group members will receive 1 of 30 shares of the jackpot plus interest; the remaining 11 shares will be paid to court. The court will determine who, if any, of the additional claimants also has a legitimate claim and will ultimately distribute the disputed portion of the prize.

As per their agreement, OLG is paying 19 shares, each worth, $1,666,666.67 plus $1,248.86 in interest for a total of $1,667,915.53. That’s a total of $31,690,395.07 being paid out today. The disputed shares, worth a total of $18,347,070.83, are being paid to court.

OLG is pleased to award the nineteen group members their share of the jackpot and is confident the courts will ensure all claimants are reviewed and the disputed portion of the prize is paid to the right people.

Prize Winners’ Names

  • Natalie Damianidis
  • Joanne Shum
  • Chitradika Bishun-Ramkumar
  • Christine Hellstrom
  • Judith Johnson
  • Claudette Ford
  • Gary Morrison
  • Sonja Kennedy-Swan
  • Annette Anderson
  • Karen Rogers
  • Frances Cowan
  • Rosanna Santos
  • Bob Ragoonaden
  • Sindy Thompson
  • Carol Patterson
  • Lisa Squires
  • Bonnie Hand-Cockburn
  • Jill Wilkins
  • Donna Antoniadis
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