Bigger Jackpots coming to LottoMax

LOTTO MAX is upping its game by introducing even bigger jackpot opportunities. Starting in July 2015, players will see the LOTTO MAX jackpot maximum increase from $50-million to $60-million.

“For five years now, LOTTO MAX has been offering jackpots that maxed out at $50-million,” says Manon DesLauriers, Senior Brand Manager of national and regional games with Atlantic Lottery. “Players have told us though, that they’d be excited by even bigger jackpots. With this change, if a $50-million jackpot is not won, it could grow to $60-million.”

MAXMILLIONS, additional $1-million prizes, will still be added when the jackpot reaches $50-million, and will grow along with the jackpot.

“Every lottery game is unique and each appeals to people for different reasons.  LOTTO MAX players enjoy the combination of a big jackpot and the possibilities of MAXMILLIONS prizes as the jackpot grows. This game definitely delivers,” notes Manon.

To support the increase in the maximum jackpot, the prize structure will be adjusted slightly. The funding for prizes will remain at 48% of sales; however, minor adjustments will be made to the prize pools for the 5/7, 6/7 and 6/7+Bonus categories. The price for a LOTTO MAX ticket remains the same at $5.

“The six-month lead time announcing the changes will allow all Canadian lotteries to ensure their players and their systems are ready for the change, explains Manon. “LOTTO MAX customers are being notified of these changes through notices on our websites and signage at retail and top of ticket messages.”

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