Hawkesbury, Ontario couple spends big before claiming $50 million Lotto Max jackpot prize

Jo Ann and Gaétan Champagne of Hawkesbury Ontario Lotto Max $50 million winnersEven before getting their $50 million Lotto Max jackpot prize, Jo Ann and Gaétan Champagne of Hawkesbury are spending some of their winnings on a car, mansion, and diner renovations.

The lucky Ottawa-area couple is excited to claim their life-changing lottery prize at the end of February after the provincial review is done. The Champaign couple has to wait for February 29 after the investigation conducted by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

The couple’s lottery claim falls under the insider win process as Jo Ann and Gaétan used to own a convenience store. The first two steps have been hurdled, but the couple has to wait for the mandatory 30-day waiting period before finally getting their $50 million prize.

Although the couple has some weeks to wait for the prize, Jo Ann and Gaétan have been spending big. They have already spent $25,000 on their son’s diner renovation at Resto Hawkesbury. The new looks of the resto includes checkered floors, leather seats, and a jukebox.

Gaétan remarked, “It’s really exciting, I can’t tell you how, inside, sometimes you want to yell, scream.”

The restaurant marked the initial purchases of the couple, though.

The Champagne couple has also bought a Lincoln Continental worth $80,000. They also made a down payment on a mansion with 13 bedrooms and a waterfront view near Hawkesbury. The cost of the mansion is $900,000.

Jo Ann told that it was Gaétan who is behind this spending spree.

She said, “That’s my husband. That’s OK, we know it’s coming.”

The couple has already been receiving requests for a cut of their windfall. They have received letters from strangers and one man flew in all the way from Japan just to seek a $2-million investment on a low-flush toilet invention.

Jo Ann and Gaétan said, however, that they would share their windfall with their friends and other people in their hometown.

The couple also admits that they can’t resist the temptation of purchasing lottery tickets. They have been playing the lotteries since 30 years and they can’t keep the habit away.

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