Laval, Montréal and Laurentians residents win big at Lotto Max

Max Millons jackpot for Quebec residentsA group of Laval, Montréal and Laurentians residents won a Maxmillion, a $1,000,000 prize, at the February 3rd Lotto Max draw. The Lotto Max tickets were purchased using Formule groupe, a way for individuals to wager together as a group, while each retaining their own ticket. The group was composed of 18 shares worth $55,555 each. At this time, 16 of the 18 shares of this prize have been awarded:


  • Jim Anastassiou, of Laval;
  • Marios Angelopoulos, of Laval;
  • Miguel Dumulong, of Montréal;
  • Vasilios Caragiorgas, of the Laurentians;
  • Jon Gazin, of Laval;
  • Akthar Hossain, of Laval;
  • Nasrin Nahid, of Montréal;
  • Arianne Nicolas-Gravel, of Laval;
  • Franco Ricotta, of Laval;
  • Theodosios Strimenopoulos, of Laval;
  • Kiriakos Tsilivis, of Laval;
  • Rachel Villeneuve, of Laval;
  • Anastasios Marinis, of Montréal;
  • Roberto Valeri, of Montréal;
  • Chantal Duplessis, of Laval;
  • Isabeau Ruiz-Bertrand and M. Steve Brugger, of the Laurentians.

The group was created by a local lottery kiosk that will receive a 1% prize of $10,000.

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