Million Dollar Win In Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan!

“Really, Mom? We’re millionaires?” That was the question Shirley Bloomfield’s son asked as she stood shaking in front of the lottery terminal. The answer was a resounding YES!

Shirley’s $6 Quick Pick LOTTO MAX ticket exactly matched one of the million-dollar MAXMILLION prizes drawn on Friday, April 15th.

“I woke up on Saturday morning and knew I had to go grocery shopping,” Shirley recalled. “But I like to sleep in. My husband was bugging me to go all morning!”

So, it wasn’t until early afternoon that Shirley, her husband and two sons found themselves at a lottery retailer. “I checked my ticket on the Self-checker and it said ‘appears to be a $1 million winner’. There were a couple of guys checking their LOTTO MAX tickets at the terminal, so I waited until they left the store before I brought mine to the clerk. I didn’t want them to feel bad!” Shirley laughed. “But when the clerk said that I’d really won a million dollars, I just fell to my knees. That’s when my husband and the boys came out of the washroom. They thought something was wrong. But I was just shaking so hard I couldn’t stand up!”

Shirley bought her winning ticket at the Northern Store in Pelican Narrows. Word of her win got around the community quickly. “I don’t know how they knew, but by the time we got home, people were coming over to our house. Everybody was very excited.”

Shirley said she has lots of plans for her windfall. “I’m going to buy my husband a new truck, fix up the house and take the kids on a trip to Edmonton. We’re thinking about starting a business. And I’ll put a chunk of cash in the bank for the kiddies. That million dollars is going to be really something for our family.”

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