N.L. Couple Claims Atlantic Canada’s Largest Jackpot of 2011

Never in a million years (or 21-million years…) did Linton and Olga Barnes of Conception Bay South, N.L. imagine that the story they heard on the radio about a Lotto 6/49 ticket worth $21-million would be referencing the very ticket they had pinned to their corkboard.

After a quick check of the numbers on alc.ca, however, they learned that their dream of winning the lottery had, unbelievably, come true.

Linton, a retired fire captain with the St. John’s Regional Fire Department, and Olga, a now happily retired government employee, had won smaller lottery prizes twice before, but Linton always joked that he was waiting for, as he calls it, “third-time lucky.”

Well, his third-time lucky has come in the form of Atlantic Canada’s biggest payout this year. “When I saw that the first three numbers matched I said, ‘that’s promising,’” says Olga, recounting their winning moment. “Then the fourth number matched and it all felt a bit surreal… I started to think that maybe we were the ones with the winning ticket.”

The Barnes both admit that their winning moment is a bit foggy to recall, although it’s not a moment that they’re opposed to re-living. In fact, Linton made a point of picking up a ticket for Wednesday night’s Lotto 6/49 draw – an instapik with Atlantic 49 and TAG – just like always.

The Barnes have no immediate plans for their big windfall, but do share that travelling and helping out family are at the top of the list.

Manuels Orangestore Limited in Manuels, N.L. will receive a one percent seller’s prize for selling the Barnes their winning ticket.

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