On Cloud 6/49: Brampton Ontario Truck Driver Wins $6.7 Million LOTTO 6/49 Jackpot

Adelino De-Sousa collecting winning Lotto 649 jackpotBrampton truck driver, Adelino De-Sousa was pulled over at one of his regular stops, when he discovered that he had the matching numbers for the $6.7 million LOTTO 6/49 jackpot from December 11, 2010.

“I was sitting in the cab of my truck, looking at a print out of the winning numbers when I realized that they matched the numbers I’ve been playing for the past twenty years,” said the emotional De-Sousa when he came to claim his prize at the OLG Prize Centre. “I started tearing up, but then had to control myself because I had to get the truck safely back to Mississauga.”

After a stressful drive home in bad weather conditions, De-Sousa was finally able to tell his wife the big news when he picked her up from her office.

“He was crying when he called me and I didn’t know why,” said De-Sousa’s wife, Josie. “I was worried. But then I started crying too when I heard the news!”

Josie thought she had luck on her side after she won a small money prize at a work function last week.

“My coworkers were joking with me that I should buy a 6/49 ticket, that it was my lucky day, but I forgot. And then Adelino won. It was unbelievable!” she said.

This win could not have come at a better time. Adelino was about to lose his trucking job in June, which had him worried about supporting his family.

“We are so happy to be able to help our sons. They are always first in our lives,” said Adelino, who has already started dreaming about buying a new home, with a large yard for growing a garden.

His wife is already making plans as well.

“I have already started thinking about taking a trip somewhere warm in the new year!” she laughed, while squeezing her husband’s arm fondly. “In the meantime, I will have to finish my Christmas shopping!”

The winning ticket was bought at Jac’s Milk on Elliot Street in Brampton.

Since LOTTO 6/49 was launched in June 1982, Ontario players have won more than $9.3 billion in prizes, including 1,198 jackpot wins. As of December 15, 2010, there have been 2,806 LOTTO 6/49 draws.

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