Toronto man wins $60,000,000 from the March 18, 2016 LOTTO MAX

Maurice De Gennaro of Toronto

April 1, 2016

Toronto, ON – “I hid that winning ticket under my carpet then realized that wasn’t sensible so instead I stuck it under a lamp,” laughed Maurice De Gennaro of Toronto, OLG’s newest $60 million jackpot winner from the March 18, 2016 LOTTO MAX draw.

Maurice began his Saturday like most other Saturdays, running errands and finally arriving back home at lunchtime where he checked his one LOTTO MAX ticket. “I was sitting at the kitchen table and found the winning numbers on my phone. I wrote them down, then checked my ticket. I saw every single number match up and said out loud – I’ve made a mistake. There is no way I won.”

Maurice went to his computer next and checked the numbers again, stared at the screen then his ticket, then the screen, then his ticket. “I started shaking, broke out in a sweat and thought, this is all too much. And that’s when I tucked the ticket under the carpet,” he recalled.

Easter Sunday was the day Maurice decided he couldn’t keep the news to himself any longer. “At Easter dinner with my sister and nephew, I pulled out a photocopy of my ticket and said – it appears that I won a substantial amount of money but I’m not entirely sure. My sister thought I was joking. I needed my nephew Richard to see for himself. He must have checked that ticket a thousand times,” smiled Maurice. “Then, believe it or not, we just went ahead with our Easter celebration, like nothing had happened.”

Maurice loves to travel and knows this win will take him on many incredible journeys. “My dream is to pick up where I left off after a vacation in Europe two years ago suddenly ended when I broke my arm and leg. I was sightseeing in France and snapping photos when I tripped on some stairs. Now, I can return to France, a country I love. Then it will be on to the rest of Europe, taking my time, seeing the sites and just coming and going as I please,” he smiled.

The winning ticket was purchased at St. Clair News and Lottery on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto.

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